Computer-aided design


Weekly_Assignments :

- model (draw, render, animate, simulate, ...) a possible final project, and post it on your class page


logos and much more…

starting with the 2d of my project, trying to be as faithful as possible to the model then I will go to realize in 3d, I started trying to bring the correct measurements of the main face, the one that allows the rotation.

With this type of approach can realize the minimum distances to be observed, in fact the holes (colored) or in relief, must have a minimum distance from the part that allows the rotation. I enjoyed playing a little with the various shades of the 4 colors, and then arrive at a result that satisfies me visually.

ok at this point we have a vector file to be used also for the LOGO! Once I saved the logo in various sizes and I updated the site.

normal normal normal


to start I tried using sketchup

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during these two years of the project falla3d I have often used this program, and then ‘was very easy to start from here

sketchup problems

  • poor attitude to handle curved shapes
  • sketchup is not parametric!


I probably will not use this program for my final project, although I found it very useful to use the library modules online, such as servo motors, to understand the dimensions of the servo motor and twistercube.


As time has gone!

wikibooks manual

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OpenSCAD I always liked so much, the thrill of writing code and wait for the result quickly becomes a drug … hahah

openscad problems

  • render only on request
  • You have so much code to write!



OpenSCAD also has several shared libraries, from which you can import objects, definitely a great open source program with great potential, it is almost impossible to export objects manifold, so it seems a good compromise for my final project.

Source files

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