Invention, intellectual property, and income


Weekly_Assignments :

-  develop a plan for dissemination of your final project

Who is it for …

I think that Twister can mainly suit students studying how to develop and improve autosetting wireless networks, in order to create various networks to be used in many different ways, such as domotics or robotics.

The first commercial use coming to my mind might be the wifi automotion of Lego pieces, so that the main target would be original Lego customers.

But Twister could also be used in laboratories, since it uses 4 programming languages:

  • html
  • javascript
  • C
  • LUA

and, for its construction it is necessary to deal with 4 different working processes:

  • molding and casting
  • laser cutting
  • 3d printing
  • pcb milling

It could also be a great tool to create small workshops inside FabLabs, to let people acquainted to Internet of Things and to the different working processes present in the laboratories.

Brand creation…

When I first sketched the project I just created the logo. The name, Twister, comes directly from the famous game from the ‘70es, for it recalls the motion, the colours and the unlikely positions of the game.


I have always been charmed and inspired by the history of the Lego itself and also by the collaboration between the brand and the MIT media lab in 1987.

Mindstorms Mitbrick

RGB colors, in the first beta version, were always clearly visible, marking the small cilinders of the Lego pieces.

Mindstorms Rcx

until I got to the latter version, the mindstorms, the most developped one.

Mindstorms Ev3

The colors chosen for the logo are a mix of modern (Lego midstorms grey) and “oldies but goldies” RGB colors used in the beta version of the MIT media lab.


Beside from Github I want to create an Instructable and to take the project onto platforms such as, already inclines to this kind of projects.

Promotion events

I plan to present the project at the following upcoming events:

Use of social and media channels

I have already started promoting my project on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram..) publishing previews of the prototypes and the good response came right away.


On the same day of the presentation of my project to the FabAcademy class, I posted the 30-second video on Facebook and the feedback was even better!


Licensing and Exploitation

I want to give a Creative Commos licence, allowing every kind of derivate work, with attribution given for the files of the project model.

Business plan

I honestly haven’t developped any business plan for this project, but I would really like to teach how to replicate it and, why not?, improve it or, however, to see derived and improved versions of it.

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